Kicks and Foreshore is serious about saving the environment, and we work hard at making Foreshore as environmentally friendly as possible. 


Foreshore has a great recycling system set up which can see you scoring cheap and even free drinks!

Hold onto your empty cans as you can trade them in at one of the recycling stations near the bars at Foreshore. Each can you recycle is worth one token. Pick up enough tokens and you can use them to buy drinks at the bar.  

By using the Foreshore recycling system, you are not only saving money, but you’re helping to save the planet.

Carbon Offset

Add $2 to your ticket and make a difference to your world! Foreshore 2011 was a 100% carbon neutral event, with help from Climate Friendly and you!

Foreshore 2012 will again be offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions from the production of the event. As well as working with Climate Friendly, Foreshore will again be running our container deposit recycling system through the bars.
You can help by purchasing a carbon offset ticket for an additional $2. The $2 goes towards sustainable energy projects run by our friends at Climate Friendly including wind farms and geothermal power plants. Remember; there are no festivals on a dead planet!