Example’s last album, Won’t Go Quietly, went Gold, driven in part by the enormous success of the astonishingly popular Kickstarts (10.9m You Tube views). Since then he’s been on a serious journey of self-discovery. Now Example is looking around himself, at what he’s seen on the road, in clubs, at festivals, in recording studios, in hotel rooms,taxicabs and aeroplanes and he’s wondering what the hell is going on. Playing In The Shadows marks the moment where Example grows up.

It all began with Kickstarts – that was sad and happy, an anthem. "Watching 60000 people singing that back to me at a festival was my Eureka moment. It made me realise what I should do. I draw from intensely personal experiences then tweak those feelings to make them open to everyone.” 

 “The songs are all about the same thing. They’re all about love. I know what my strengths are. I’m not in the Top Ten Rappers or the Top Ten Singers in the country, but I‘m a good songwriter and a good performer. My gigs convert people. My live show is full on all the way through. The last 20 minutes is a relentless rave – whoever’s on after me is fucked!”

Catch his amazing voice at Foreshore 2012!

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