Calvin Harris

King of electropop Calvin Harris is one of the few artists who has successfully bridged the gap between chart hits and all out club bangers. He created disco with his 2007 gold-selling debut 'I Created Disco' shook up the drab dance music scene in the UK and injected it with a much-needed dose of fun. “Acceptable in the 80's” shot him to the forefront of the scene and since then it seems the only way has been up, with a continuous barrage of award nominations and top 10 singles making him one of the most talked about artists of recent years.

Calvin Harris is a true festival performer! He stole the show earlier this year at Big Day Out and is known also for his awesome DJ sets, which is no surprise when you think about all the huge anthems he has released ‘Not Alone’, ‘You Used To Hold Me’, ‘Acceptable In The 80’s’ and ‘Dance Wiv Me’ and more!

His number one collaboration with Dizzie Rascal as well as writing and producing records for other recording artists including Kylie Minogue's X  has only helped to cement his place at the top.

Put simply, he knows how to make a crowd move.

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